Avatar: We see you.

Company:Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation
Director:James Cameron
Starring:Sam Worthington
Zoe Saldana
Sigourney Weaver
Stephen Lang
Michelle Rodriguez
Giovanni Ribisi

        All I can say is, “WOW”.

        “Avatar” is a 3-D feast for the eye which should propel James Cameron to the status of legend. In fact, after a decade or two of perspective, I fully expect that this groundbreaking work will be studied in the best film schools, right about the time they are covering Riefenstahl.

        Seldom has a film been made which combines cutting edge technology, the highest standards of quality, and a deep, self-indulgent loathing of all things which The Left despises about America. I honestly don't remember the last time I found myself booing and hissing at a film as the end credits started rolling.

        Here's “Avatar” in a nutshell. America is an evil place which: will not provide healthcare, even for its vets injured in combat; picks fights wherever it's profitable, even in Chavez's socialist utopia of Venezuela; has a bloodthirsty merc military which, at the beck of evil corporations, commits business-as-usual horrific atrocities while screaming “Git Sum!”; has no respect for any environment as they “kill their mother”; will take whatever they want whenever they want from whomever they want by any means necessary, the weaker the victim, the better. Let me be clear, this is one deeply hateful and offensive movie. It also happens to be great, which is why I mentioned Riefenstahl. Good job, and congrats, Jim.

        If you go to see “Avatar,” be prepared to be amazed, and be prepared to be bombarded with all of the hate and bigotry which Hollywood has to offer. I, for one, will not be seeing this film a second time.

        And as an aside to the America hating elite which made this movie and especially to those who currently hold the reigns of Her power and agree with this movie's point of view, I have included some suggestions which you will just ignore. Consider, as you continue to push for the "Unobtainium" of your socialist utopia, that you have become what you despise, forcing your will on a people frightened by your self-loathing and abuses of power, a people which you hold in contempt as they scream to just be left alone. Consider, as the world of “Avatar” would say, and as the film “Avatar” has made very clear... we see you.

Hollywood, STFU Rating: 5 Hammer and Sickles